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Shaksper Random

where academics go to blow off steam

HA HA HA! Marlowe's my bitch!
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Purpose: A Shakespeare community...for the fans. There's more than enough academic-style Shakespeare discussion communities, but what about fandom-style? Shakespeare fic? YES PLEASE! Photoshopped pictures of Shakespeare in a silly hat? Bring it on. Overly detailed textual analyses of the Gay Antonios? Extra points for using the word "buttsex"! Links to hilarious stuff like The Hamlet Crawl? You may just win the internets.

As our inspirational mother community vmrandom says: "It is the ultimate in spam."

Stuff What Fits Already (And We Want To Link To):

gayatheistspy -- Christopher Marlowe, GAY ATHEIST SPY! Coming this fall.

South Park Shakespeare -- what happens when an English grad student and an online South Park character maker collide.

The Shakespeare Pairing List That Ate Academia -- crackfic for academics!

And the pooh-pooh stuff (WARNING: may result in banning and deleted posts):
- homework questions. No. We will not write your papers for you. Go Google it or use SparkNotes or, here's a thought, ask your professor.
- being a jerk. This includes trolling, off-topic posts (I mean, you can get pretty off-topic, but posts should have some relationship to Shakespeare and/or the early modern era), and not putting pics behind LJ-cuts.
- Serious Scholarship. JUST SAY NO to real-life academia bleeding over into the internets! If you would be okay saying it to a professor or supervisor, it probably doesn't belong here. ;) Unless, you know, your professor/supervisor is cool with weird stuff like that.

Moderated by likeadeuce and kerrypolka, who are both involved in university and, therefore, sometimes very busy. FYI. Image on default icon courtesy Sinfest Comics, used without permission but in good faith.